About your photographers

Hey! I'm Lydia, and I have a passion for people, and making your everyday activities look like art. For me, photography has always been my zen. It helps me remember the deeper meaning of life, love, and why we do what we do. 

I live happily with my love of 5 years, Mathieu, in the small town of Hillsdale. We plan to grow our little family of just 2 within the next few years (I'll be sure to post lots of photos of our growing family as it comes about).

Fun Facts:

- I like facts (Did you know, the first digital camera was created in 1975, it weighed 8 pounds, and it took 23 seconds to create its first photograph?)

- I was part of the photography club in high school

- My favourite foods are potatoes (in all forms), and my Memere's pancakes

- I love to drive

- Touch screen phones were the worst invention ever (sorry iPhone lovers, this gal needs her BlackBerry)

Meet your second photographer!

Let me introduce Belinda!

This wonderful photographer definitely has an artistic eye. Bel has learned very quickly, and has surprised me in every photo shoot on which she has joined me.

Bel makes sure to get the shots that I miss, and that's why we are a great team! Photo shoots are fast paced, and we capture photos "in the moment" to make photos look more natural (not so posed), so having 2 photographers definitely ensures that we capture every important moment. 

More on Bel to come...

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